Linda (Lakewood Ranch, Florida)

“I purchased two fountain pens for myself in December. I have collected fountain pens for over 15 years. I not only collect them but I use them. I found these fountain pens to be the best I have bought so far. The weight of the pens are perfect which makes a big difference to when I’m concentrating on perfect penmanship. I also bought a ballpoint pen made out of a bullet for my brother and it also writes very nice. I highly recommend Pens by Bryce. He has a huge selection of pens from ballpoint, rollerball, fountain pens and pencils etc. You can’t go wrong.”


“Our client, Sheri, shared a heartwarming thank-you note she received after giving her friend one of our slimline ballpoint pens. It reads: “Thank you for the awesome pen. Not only is it unique and exquisitely designed, but also very attractive and smooth writing. I love a functional gift. The pen truly does conform to your hand….. Sweet!!!”

Julie T. (Tucson, Arizona)

“Here’s a note we received from Julie. She commissioned Bryce to make a special fountain pen for her husband with a “cotton” theme for their second anniversary. “The pen is BEAUTIFUL! An absolute piece of artwork! My husband absolutely LOVES it and shows it off every chance that he gets! We have been getting nothing but compliments. I think I have mentioned that he has made a few pens. Since he has some knowledge on the process involved, he was very impressed with the craftsmanship. The pen turned out better than I had ever imagined. It couldn’t have turned out more perfect!” We had the honor to create a “leather” fountain pen for Julie’s third anniversary too. We were very pleased to hear how much they liked the pen. “The pen is absolutely AMAZING! It looks so sleek and very fancy. We absolutely love the three colors of leather and the significance of celebrating the three colors. The personalized card talking about that made the whole thing so special! Another job very, very well done. I couldn’t be happier with the pens I have commissioned for this little yearly project of mine! And I can tell that you are enjoying it all as well through the tremendous craftsmanship and creativity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!””

Timothy R. Pappas (Redding, California)

“I have owned my custom made “Scales of Justice” pen, handcrafted by Bryce, for over a year now, and I absolutely LOVE IT! I have owned and written with many different pens, including the extremely expensive and over-rated Monte Blanc, yet nothing I have ever used compares with the comfort and majesty of a pen designed and crafted by Bryce. As an attorney, you can imagine how long I write every single day of the week. Yet, when I’m using my custom pen, it’s like holding magic between my fingers. Not only is this pen unique in its design, with the scales of justice having been intricately hand carved and beautifully laid, but it is perfectly weighted for maximum comfort. If you think that Bryce’s pens are punched out like some factory pen you can buy in the local store, you will be sadly depriving yourself of the ultimate pleasure in writing instruments. I have watched Bryce craft his pens, and he is a master at detail and perfection. I have seen Bryce work on a single pen for almost an hour because he observed a small defect that would be undetectable to the most discerning eye. This proved to me that a custom pen from Bryce is truly a gift that cannot be denied to any person who loves to write. All of my future pens will be coming from PensbyBryce.”

Shauna T. (Loomis, California)

“I love my pens, yes I said penS by Bryce. I use my beautiful acrylic pen all day every day at work as I write a lot. It is so comfortable my hand never gets tired, I won’t write with anything else! I also have the “Duchess” pen that hangs around my neck so I’m never without one when I leave my desk. It is so pretty with the Swarovski Crystals, it’s like a beautiful necklace! And of course, my hand inlaid Violin Pen is the pride of my collection. Bryce not only makes beautiful, functional pens, but they are truly collectors items. You really need to own more than one of these hand made “one of a kind” pens!”