Inlaid pens are made from individual precision laser cut pieces of assorted woods and materials. The images are not decals. They are solid pieces of wood meticulously inlaid together. Once the pieces are fitted together and glued in place, the pen is turned on the lathe, shaped and sanded to perfection. Next, three to four layers of an acrylic coating is applied to the pen which is then sanded and polished to a lustrous finish for the ultimate in protection and beauty.

Each pen varies in the type of wood used and the number of pieces needed to create the image. For example, our stunning puzzle pen is comprised of 36 individual laser cut pieces from over 20 different exotic woods.

As you can imagine, creating inlaid pens is very time consuming. However, it is worth all of the time and effort after seeing the finished product and the exquisite piece of art that has been created.

We have a wide variety of finely handcrafted inlaid ballpoint and rollerball pens with themes relating to sports, hunting, fishing, professions, music, religion, animals, flowers, the military, hobbies, awareness ribbons, and the list goes on.

Step 1

Ready to Begin – 36 Pieces of 20 Different Exotic Woods

Step 2

Inlaying Puzzle Pieces Together

Step 3

Turning the Pen on the Lathe Unmasks the Stunning Beauty of the Inlaid Exotic Wood

Step 4

It is Now Clear to See the Bold Exquisite Color of the 20 Different Exotic Woods

Step 5

Turned, Polished and Ready to be Assembled into an Awesome Fountain Pen with Premium Titanium Gold Fittings

Step 6

Handcrafted Elegance at its BEST!