I have enjoyed woodworking for the past 36 years. It all started with a coffee table I made for my wife for our first wedding anniversary. She had no idea I could make anything out of wood so her list started from there with matching end tables, an entertainment center and so on. Then the list grew as I made furniture and cabinets for friends and contractors throughout the years. I have enjoyed going to the yearly tool shows in Sacramento and picking up additions to my shop. I was very intrigued with the lathe demonstrations, especially pen turning. I would come home from the tool show and tell my wife that I really wanted a lathe, and she would just shake her head and tell me I didn’t need another tool that I’d probably use at first and then it would sit in the corner and gather dust. After some begging and pleading, I purchased a lathe and started creating pens. I think I’ve been quite successful in proving her wrong. The only dust on my lathe is from the mountains of pen shavings flying off my chisel.

I had no idea I would become so passionate about making pens. It is very exciting and fulfilling to make new colors and styles and watch a pen come together from beginning to end. I also enjoy inlaying wood together creating pens with pictures to suit everyone’s different interests and personalities. Creating pens out of unique materials is quite fun just to see everyone’s reaction from the alligator’s jaw bone to the mini pine cones cast in colorful resin.

It is very gratifying to hear from someone how they truly enjoy writing with their new pen. That just makes my passion grow stronger to get out in my shop and turn more beautiful pens for people to enjoy.