30.06 Bullet Pen - Crushed Camo with Scope Rifle Clip


This finely handcrafted 30.06 Bullet Pen is perfect for the outdoorsman, hunter, military enthusiast or just someone who wants an awesome looking pen.

30.06 Bullet Pen

  • Authentic Once-Fired Bullet Shells
  • Smooth Twist Mechanism
  • Cross Compatible Refills

For a personal touch, your own spent bullet shell casing (some exceptions) and/or antler can be custom made into a pen for a memorable keepsake.

The top half of the bullet pen can be made with a variety of materials. Popular choices include: Deer and Elk Antler, Water Buffalo Horn, Exotic Woods, Colorful Acrylics, Shredded Money and a Variety of Camo Color Combinations.

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